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Comté Tunnel

Pressed and cooked cheese
Milk: Cow
Region: Franche-Comte
Made in, and named after, the Franche-Comte region, the cheese has the highest production figures of all French AOC cheeses. The pate is firm and supple and melts in the mouth, leaving a sweet taste. The salt is strong but balanced and the flavour has a nutty tang.
Aged more than 9 months this Comte is tasty, powerful and still nutty and very well balanced. A gorgeous cheese!

Ossau Iraty

Pressed cheese
Milk: Ewe
Region: Pyrénnées
Made in the Basque Country, from the manech ewes only, Ossau-Iraty is matured during 90 days minimum, which gives the cheese a delicious nutty, quite robust taste. The light beige rind is edible, and even adds to the expérience


Pressed and cooked cheese
Milk: Cow
Region: Alpes
Made in the French Alpes, with a rich and tasty mountain milk, the cheese develops a wonderful complex aroma of meadows and flowers with raisins and wood fires. The flavour too, is strong and fruity with a mature woody finish. The rubbed rind, with a light golden color surrounds a supple pate, with small to large holes.

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