Blue Cheese

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Milk: Ewe
Region: Aveyron

Made only in Roquefort village, Roquefort is the Emperor of blue cheeses, with distinctive veins of mould, and a white, crumbly and slightly moist inside, with a characteristic odour. Roquefort – the trinity of sweetness of ewes milk, saltiness and blue mould – first tastes slightly mild, then smoky and fades to a salty finish.

Saint Agur

Milk: Cow
Region: Auvergne

The moist, rich, white cheese has characteristic olive green mould veins throughout and a smooth, creamy texture with a subtle mild spicy taste. Not as salty as other blue cheese, its tangy and double-creamy nature are well balanced and make the cheese easy to spread or to cook with.

Fourme d’Ambert

Milk: Cow
Region: Rhône Alpes

One of Frances oldest cheese, Fourme d Ambert has a distinct, narrow cylindrical shape and is, injected with a little sweet Vouvray wine during aging. The paste is creamy, firm and moist, with faint hints of blue mould, and a pleasant taste of wine and fruit. Fourme d Ambert is one of the mildest of the blue cheeses.

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